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Toons These Days: Ep 23 Toons These Days: Ep 23

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Lol I like your perspective but I love the ORIGINAL Yu-Gi-Oh. It's almost strange how a show based around cards was so dark at times. I mean Yami "mind crushed" (Killed) like 5 people in the first season. And the American theme was on "Rock The Dragon" and Batman theme levels of badassery. Not gonna lie some episodes and voice acting (Tristans Barney voice) can be down right atrocious including some of the issues you guys already discussed. But what makes all this null and void is Yu-gi-oh A.K.A Yami himself he just steals the show most time he's on screen escaping hopeless odds and situations with style and wit, never gets old. Getting back on track this animation was entertaining and I like watching and hearing differing opinions not only for diversity sake but sometimes because they challenge my own and may even adjust the way I view things, that's life. To not accept that is bad for humanity, period.

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SCF - Christmas Special SCF - Christmas Special

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Glad to see you're still making these!

Concept: SCF get's into the christmas spirit

Aesthetic:I like that your trees and snowballs were really well drawn and colored/animated. The christmas remixes were a treat to listen to it's a shame that it wasn't in sync with the scenes it was meat to be played with.

Animation: The scene where black was walking through the snow dragged on too long especially when the music stopped before the scene was complete which made it somewhat boring for a minute or so. The action was really smooth and entertaining to watch as usual. your only issues are the frame rate speed of character close ups.

Humor: The action is just what I expected from a christmas special light hearted and funny.

Overall:As always this series has me on edge for what comes next as the passion and hard work are still evident. Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!

guitan11 responds:

you know, its pretty well in sync on my computer, not perfect, but somewhat. i need to make sure that everything i do can play the same way it does on my machine. but i do agree on the waling being a bit long. since the frame rate falls for no reason :/
i always encounter new technical issues, but thats part of learning :3

thanks for the review dude

Kerslash Episode 1 Kerslash Episode 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy shit something new that actually gets my attention! I really like the art style it looked Samurai Jack-ish at first glanced but leaned more toward anime as I watched. Already like the main character aside from being a sonic fan she's cocky and outgoing which are always great traits for a protagonist. wished I'd seen more action though kinda bums me that I have to wait who knows how long to see how imaginative your fight scenes are but based on this epidode I'm really looking forwartd to the results. Until then Excellent job!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Concept:Halloween parody featuring some of the SMCF crew and referencing a character from a horror game I know nothing about.*browses for "slendermen"* ignorance terminated.

Aesthetic: There's some issues but it wasn't too distracting. Transparent trees, and grass that felt out of scale. I like that you've attempted to draw an oil truck I'd prefer that over the way you Photoshopped the grass.

Well done, you captured the feel of the game and the characters movements were decent , a little stiff (OBVIOUSLY NOT COUNTING WHEN BLACK FROZE UP.) and awkward at times. The whole ground looked like it was moving as the camera panned in the beginning but decent nonetheless.

Comedy: Gave me a light chuckle.

Happy belated Halloween!

I Know You Too Well I Know You Too Well

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Cheap Sex appeal FTW!

Seriously though the animation and drawing was nice very similar to Egoraptor's style. Colors were vibrant and detailed. Music was decent, I've noticed the attempts at humor but it didn't really do much for me. All in all it did it's job and manage to kill 5 minutes.


Stickman Can't Fight 6-2 Stickman Can't Fight 6-2

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Story: Starting to get more interesting. The ending was alot for satisfying then part 1, which was part of the reason why I was reluctant to review it in the first place but I digress. Being broken into parts kinda kills the pacing and gives the illusion of the story feeling more stagnant but regardless I can still see a plot being developed. I've encountered some confusion towards Red's remark to Black Freezing after being decieved. It implied to me that you were hinting a human shield was his ability, of course one who watched the series from the beginning could point out that he's been a human shield countless times. But I guess that was all irrelevent once Red said they still haven't found his ability. Perhaps I'm over thinking it and it was just an attempt at humor.

Aesthetic: The art has improved with more detail and touch ups in the close ups to make the characters stand out and give more personality by stick figure standards. I have to say I' not happy with POV's latest look. What happened to his "herp derp" look that was in the previous episodes. His eyes are normal now and that takes away from one of his strongest comedic factors give him back the spaced eyed look so you don't miss out on the those easy but genuine laughs.

Also one of the main issue with these passed two parts is your sound. I don't know what happened cause the audio was decent- tolerable throughout the past 5 episodes. But here I can barely here certain lines mostly reds at max volume. Speaking of voice acting Red's could use some work his lines doesn't sound genuine to me at times. Props for keepin the sound effects in check though.

Animation: both parts of this episodes really had lag issues or are just too slow on some parts that it took away from the action. Most notably the lip syncing is off during close ups and the sound effects are off timed occasionally. If the Ram has anything to do with it then feel free to disregard whatever is neccessary in this section I'm not tech savvy enough to understand all the effects of RAM outside memory.

Action: For what they're was it wasn't anything here that stood out to entertain on it's own merit but they're was enough to compliment the comedic side. But I didn't enjoy it as much as say the battle between Ken in SMCF3 or Black vs P.O.V in SMCF 2. (apologies if those references are mixed up)

Comedy: A slight downgrade I gave a few chuckles but it can't compare to my experience with the previous episodes. As mentioned earlier P.O.V needs to get his golden" space-eyed, blank face" look back for more for the characters sake as well as comedic sake. In my opinion the farting thing only works when black is cowering for his life because its mostly out of desperation to stay alive.

so far episode six has some issues, I feel it's missing some of the unexpected slapstick comedy of it's predecessors but it's tolerable and doesn't effect my view of this great series as a whole.


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guitan11 responds:

wow, i always look forward to your reviews. mostly because they are really objective yet with comments that motivate to get better. i agree on most points you pointed out.

the audio has always been an issue with me, i have been figuring it out as i go. but its weird that people say that the lip-sync is off, on my computer it shows on point and the voice volume is at a decent gain. maybe its just my computer, i dont know.

splitting the animation in two i guess made the overall feel of the full animation more slower and less fluid in the action parts. and PV's face is the same XD you just saw it from a diferent angle, not just face to face :P

but every review is taken into account, so thank you very much

ZTV News Episode 2 ZTV News Episode 2

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ehhh, the comedy wasn't as strong as the first it had its moments but none of the jokes particularly stand out that were tear jerking. Also like a previous reviewer, I too am curious as to why you animate your announcements instead of just posting about them on your userpage. Don't get me wrong I love to laugh and be entertained with quality animation as much as the next user but isn't that kinda...counter- productive?

At any rate this episode was decent and I'm lookin forward to that Yourichi flash.

ZTV News Episode 1 ZTV News Episode 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

So today I witness Zone Sama make her first flash with no porn, that should go down in animation history wouldn't you agree?

Concept: Zone Sama pronounces she's not dead with some announcements of what to expect as well as disappointingly addressing very little fan mail.

Aesthetic:To sum it up, "it's Zone-Feakin-Sama!" For review sake, Great colors, values,highlights shading etc,etc no point in telling what we already knows long before I even became a member. I love the voice actors Caxx as always does a good job bringing life to characters and it's no different Zone-Taaaaaaaaaan and the narrator is nothing short of hilarious.

Animation: While of course its pretty tame compared to many of the authors previous works, For what this flash is worth its pretty enjoyable to watch the subtle movements of her head and causal movement of her hands and arms really bring life to the character.

Humor: Pretty funny for a flash update. The banter between the two characters (one off screen) was entertaining. It also feels as thought they have a history together, be it on or off the air. Only thing I was disappointing in was how brief the fan mail was address. I know you've already gone out of your way just to make an announcement into a flash but I would've for you to at least answered five even if for nothing else, the sake of laughing.(assuming those questions were real in the first place)

Overall: Of course another good flash with the daily feature status to top it off. I'm glad were going to see more works from Zone pretty "soon" and I'm curious to see how many other ways the author will screw over my child-hood. (no pun intended)

Stickman Can't Fight 5 Stickman Can't Fight 5

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

YES it's finally here, and the franchise continues to hit the spot!

Concept: The greatest action comedy stick animation series retains just that and more!

Story: An incompetent stickman continues to learn the Way of The Stick.

Aesthetic: The volume is somewhat imbalanced in the beginning it's seems as though the gun shots get louder and louder with each new release. (you tryin to blowout my eardums?) Other then that the volume and sound effects themselves are ok. The art is slightly better then previous episode. However I will say this episode lacks too much color for my taste with the exclusion of the Video game reference to Metal Gear Solid since it's appropriate.

Natalie Hoover's Voice acing is pretty good overall, I just didn't think her first line gave off the menacing feel you both may have been aiming for it sounded too mystical, goddess-like, if that makes any sense. But thats just a hiccup compared to the rest of her performance I could get use to the idea of her as the official voice actor for Rosa.

Animation: The animation is still as fluid and crisp as before.A very important element especially considering the action/comedy this series is known for. When things collide and blows are landed they look and sound believable.

Action: While not quite meeting my personal level of over the top since episode 3, for what it is it's pretty entertaining from a action and comical stand point, speaking of which...

Humor: As always this author excels in racking up the LOL's. However I'd recommend being careful with your usage of memes you had a good balance in the past but here was almost overwhelming. The idea of P.O.V speaking in memes is tolerable so as long as they're ones that most can easily recognize. Some of the memes you used I had to guess what they meant such as when he walked off after the main character face planted into Rosa's pelvis. But the ones that do work, work really well especially the "watch out we gotta baddass over here." That was a great meme response, well timed and funny. I also got a laugh out of the main characters attempt to escape from training sessions only to get blasted or threatened with a beat down.

On a side note:

I appreciated the Terkoiz1's "yo-yo" cameo I called it when the discussion of "odd weapons" were being discussed. Also nice self insertion "GTN11".

Overall: This episode took a risk and reaped many benefits. The voice acting is pretty good for what little there is and while the comedy wasn't as funny as the previous installment it's still pretty good and creative in its own right and should provoke several laughs throughout. And the memes that worked REALLY worked just don't over saturate and you'll be fine. Nicely done my friend!

P.S: Please get that scene selection button worked out in future projects it makes reviewing ALOT easier, more accurate, and less time consuming.

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guitan11 responds:

AND THERE IT IS!! been waiting on this one for a wile :P

first of, YO-YO if from "Hyun" gotta give credit where credit is due. :3

PV's way of speaking wont be just memes, i used them because most people from the internet would get an idea of whats going on. i plan on using other images ;)

as far as voice acting im really pleased with what came out of it. it was fun to play around with it and insert audible jokes like "I GOT A SHIELD", it was a good outcome for a first time, and it will only get better. (mad props to Natalie for that awesome scream :D)

i will say one final thing to you and everyone who reads this. the next one will fill your thirst for action ;)

games vs. internet games vs. internet

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Concept: make a flash to test the mic. (Quality kinda sucks)

Aesthetic: not that impressive just a bunch of black and white with little standing out. Of course what hurts this flash the most is the poor sound quality. Volume levels are unstable and chracters are only clear when they started throwing stuff at each other.

Animation: Not much but it was smooth no glitches present.

Comedy: Punchline made this flash. I also find it slightly humorous how the characters glow when they get hit.

Overall: An okay flash but sound quality needs work. Hope youcan get the bugs worked out in time for your later installments.


guitan11 responds:

thanks for the review. honestly this was a quick thing that i made in like an hour. i now fixed my recording process and now everything sounds smother :3 or at least i think it does :P

like always, awesome reviews. just you wait when im done with "Stickman Can't Fight 5" you will write the longest review of your life >:D