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Posted by II2none - November 12th, 2013

After a test run with a sonic lost world demo it seems the gamepad functionality isn't as scary as I thought. I do recognize I'm basing this on the gameplay of ONE game. But it gives me comfort that the gamepad is more than a cheap gimmick. Though I'm still against the gamepad as a main component for the wiiu because of pricing and a lack of other features that should be expected in an 8th gen console.It's comforting to know that it's not just a shoehorned attempt to standout from the crowd.


Posted by II2none - September 27th, 2013

Xbox one- HIIISSSS!!!

WiiU- wii2.0

PS4- Gaming Savior

Posted by II2none - September 22nd, 2013

No computer but I finally caught up with the 21st century and bought a smartphone so I'll be checking in when I can

Posted by II2none - August 5th, 2012

10: Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3

Looking at it from a 20 year old perspective it's mainly press your special attack button and hope you get lucky. I still enjoy it but not nearly as much as I use to. This was the DBZ game that EVERYBODY was waiting for. This game probably has the best fighting mechanics of any DBZ game to date Executing combos, special moves and of course ultimate took timing and a good amount of effort. It had the flair and the substance true to the anime many of us love and knows and in not since DBZ budokai Tenkachi 3 (and maybe Burst Limit) has there been a deeper experience of being an over powered monkey.

9: Hulk Ultimate Destruction:

Sandbox games are some of the most addictive games out there hence the success of GTA. But Hulk Ultimate Destruction blew me the hell away! At the time the movie and the game loosely based on it was garbage, this character was done little justice till this game came out. Through first experience it felt like this game had everything you could skate on buses, body slam robots, throw enemies into oblivion, weaponize cars into boxing gloves, swing wrecking balls at helicopters. The amount of content in this game was unbelievable, not to mention the hidden goodies (yes useful goodies) you can unlock. This game not only showed hulk done right but it also gave me new found respect for superhero games long before the Batman Asylum games ever existed.

8: Super Smash Bros Melee

As much as I would love to put Brawl on the list because of certain a certain blue hedgehog and the addition of many clone free new characters, I have to give it to Melee. SSBM was a innovative fighter and took me by surprised. I'm stingy as hell when it comes to Nintendo even when I know they've made games I enjoyed like Zelda on the 64 and Metroid Prime 3. But I'm glad I'm open to new things when its suggested and Melee was a treat, insane combat I've never before seen at the time an awesome, balanced roster and an actual interesting adventure mode for each individual characters was more then enough to persuade me to waste countless upon countless hours on this masterpiece. It's a shame they hampered brawled with that stupid trip mechanic, damn them and their family friendly ideals but I guess thats why their using money for toilet paper more often then Sony or Microsoft.

7: Burnout 3

I have need for speed underground 2 to thank for this gem. Because after playing the demo 100 times in a single day this was instantly on my must have list. I love the sense of speed and total chaos this game offers, there's nothing like watching your victim barrel roll in the air while on fire leaving you to wonder how the hell they get totaled in the first place.

6: Halo 3
Halo 2 was the reason I got an (original) xbox, it had a fantastic story and a great since of adventure. But Halo 3 was just a fantastic experience. The story was bigger and badder then before and the xbox live experience was damn near drug like. I'd play Halo 3 online to this day if I could. There's nothing like chillin with ya buddies and kicking ass in a big team slayer match together then replaying it to witness each other's gaming glory.

5: Mass Effect

Yes mass effect 2 was awesome and Mass effect 3 was even more so despite insulting my intelligence with that "artistic" ending. But when I was introduced to the first of the trilogy it was over. Never before have I been so immersed in a game since Halo 2 and Smash brothers Melee. And that's the honest truth because in Mass Effect that's pretty much what you play as, YOU! I could not put this game down I wanted to talk to everyone explore every world possible just absorb every single detail that I can and TO THIS DAY I have not experienced everything ME 1 has to offer, DLC excluded. The original may be over shadowed by its sequels as far as game play goes but it can't be replaced because of the innovative and fresh feeling it stirred within me.

4: Kingdom Hearts 2
Square really knows how to pull on the heart strings when it comes to KH. The ending to KH pretty much guaranteed a KH II. This game just overwhelmed me with all the good it does. Over the top action, an almost non stop kickass soundtrack, and a very engaging story line despite me not giving a damn about Final Fantasy and almost all the Disney Characters I hoped to see. Once I saw the kickass opening cinematic with visuals only Enix can do and that beautiful song Sanctuary I knew this game was an instant gem. When I think of video game crossovers that work I never thought Disney and Square Enix would be one of those, let alone be considered would of the best games of the 6th gaming generation, let alone off all time.

3: Resident Evil 4

Wow...I don't know what happened to Capcom back in 2004 leading up to this games release but when I first saw a commercial for this game, following playing a demo with children behind me staring and commenting every thing taking place on screen. Instant purchase and the rest was history. This game was just...perfect. I don't know where the transition from tradition RE style to this new third person shooter experience began but hell this pretty much refreshed the series. The characters are all likeable in some way, the haunting atmosphere was heart stoping, the gameplay and interactive cutscenes almost never get old and there were so many kickass moments in this game I lost count. RE 4 is hands down the best RE game of all time, RE 5 was a disappointment and shows capcom didn't understand what made RE 4 work, but I'm crossing my fingers for 6. Regardless even if they fuck it all up I'll always look back at RE 4 with nostalgic pride.

2: Sonic Adventure

Sonics REAL transition to 3D like most games popular franchises was just jaw dropping. Sonic's levels were all interesting and unique in some way and some the best levels in sonics history can be found here especially lost world, speed highway, Windy Valley. The inclusion of new characters made it even more so, Chaos is one of my favorite villains of all time because his design is just so cool and he makes for an awesome boss especially his 6th and perfect form. Although some one in particular (BIG The Cat) is a "what the hell they were thinking?" to this day. It didn't kill or even hinder the experience because this game felt larger then life the hub worlds were awesome, most of the character stories were interesting and of course the music is just top notched as usual. Sonic Adventure is one of the best sonic games of all time.

1: Sonic Adventure 2 :Battle

Nope it's not a cope out. This is genuinely my favorite game of all time. The original SA2 alone would've still been enough to make it on the top spot but it's re-release on the Gamecube blew it away with BETTER multiplayer and a BETTER Chao Garden system. I can remember at least chalking up 1000 wins in Hedgehog vs Hedgehog racing matches. And the Kart racing was addictive to once you got the hang of it. And don't even get me started about the time I poured into my chao before I discovered abusing a glitch to raise chao a hell of a lot faster. The story line was respectfully and dark for a sonic game and it's also the main reason why it got the number 1 spot. I loved EVERYTHING about the story despite how stupid the humans are. Shadow the Hedgehog's debut pretty much made this game this is when I was really into the whole evil twin/ doppelganger thing like most kids at age 12. The biolizard is the most badass sonic villain ever his design is just so cool and intimidating to look at I mean the guy has tubes for eyes and 50 feet tall, that would disturb most kids at least a little. Fighting him twice, especially as Super Sonic/Shadow to one of the best Sonic vocal track of all time "Live and Learn" is one of the coolest gaming experiences I ever had.

Honorable mentions:
Halo 2
Mass effect 2
Dragon Ball Z budokai tenkachi 3
Sonic Generations
Tekken 3
Super Smash Bros Brawl
The Darkness
Gears of War
Ape Escape

Posted by II2none - June 24th, 2012

Sonic Heroes is either a love it or hate it game. And I of course am the former, the game is flawed, cheesy and can be fustruatiing at times especially team chaotix. But comin from a fan perspective, that is but a smidget on this otherwise great game, and the music is no exception. I often wonder if the music makes this game sometimes. Sonic Team has really fleshed out the cutscene and music timing here more so then in any of there previous games. Almost every level you go to contains an intro scene where the team discusses their objective and ends the conversation moving at a burst of speed when the song picks up. This is one of the reasons why the game has a special place in my heart and has some of the most memorable tracks in the entire series. So once agin here's the Top 10 Sonic Heroes themes.

10) Grand Metropolis

This track has a kick as future city feel and I especially love the bass bit that comes in in the first few seconds of the song. It gives off a nice serene, action combo but aside from being fitting to the second level in Heroes there's not much that stands out about this track compared to remaining 9. speaking of which.

9) Egg Hawk

Epic track makes for an epic boss battle The intro is iconic thanks to the intro set up in the actual game and how it flows together. And that drum beat gives a nice bounce to the song. It' could possibly get repetitive if the official ost lasted longer then 2 minutes but I'm glad this was the first boss theme introduced as the quality of each kept getting better with each boss encountered (excluding the team battles with team themes).

8) Sea Gate

Even though it's sounds like the concept theme for Seaside Hill most evident within first minute of the song. It was still well composed and in some ways sounds better then Seaside Hill. This is the typical upbeat vibe fans expect from a sonic game and represents the energy in pacing throughout most of the game.

7) Casino Park

This track is just Awesome and reinforced once again with a bit intro cut-scene of characters going with the pacing of the beginning of the track. I how chill and bouncy the techno is it's one of the songs that immediately comes to mind when I think of Sonic Heroes.This track like many others captures the spirit of having a great time, and thats what makes this theme so awesome.

6) Seaside Hill

The theme thats probably the most familiar to anyone who's played this game. Were it not for the theme song "Sonic Heroes" This would probably be it's alternative. As always Sega really knows how to make their music compliment the embodiments of there levels it's very iconic can't get any more "chillin on the beach" like then this theme.

5) Egg Emperor

One of the best boss themes in the game, unfortunately its heavily over shadowed by the REAL final boss theme but we'll get to that later (hint, hint). This track is great "boss ass kicking" music with high speed percussion and guitars.

4) Mystic Mansion

One of the most unique tracks I've ever heard. I love the how energetic it is at one minute and then calm the next. The powerful guitars and beats with retaining that haunting atmosphere is why this song earns the spot at number 4. Like a real haunted house itself you can't let your guard down listening to this song.

3) Hang Castle

As much as I've been boasting about hard beats and stuff, I never underestimate tracks that can capture an atmosphere without an insane guitar composition backing it up. While guitars and drums can make for an aswesome track but sometimes subtlety can make for a better one. The tame and steady beats the abstract vocals and that jingle throughout the first and last part of the song is just too awesome to pass up.

2) What I'm Made Of

One of the Greatest boss themes, period. This song is universally appropriate for almost any intense boss battle with a kickass instrumental awesome lyrics like "One by one they'll all become a black mark on the floor". Love the message , of taking down all obstacles and let nothing stand in your way. If you don't agree, then you could always try listen to this with a dirty mind.

1) Ocean Palace

As awesome "What I'm made of" is it ain't fuckin with Jun sunoue's guitar bit in the first minute of the song. Including I love how much energy is put into this track it's as if you can feel the emotion behind each string pulled each drum beat, this song just sounds so epic. When I was young I thought this was to "happy" to be worth Mp3ing, glad I got out of that hardcore only mentality because this song has thanked me dearly for it. It's number one on my Itunes playlist to this day.

So there you have it my top ten Sonic Heroes songs.

Posted by II2none - May 26th, 2012

I love this game, since the very first teaser trailer I felt it. This is it, after years of trail and error with gradual improvements from Secret rings to COLORS, SEGA found the Sonic formula that offers both exhilarating speed and interesting platforming. Thousands of gamers claiming they can't do it, it's impossible, Sonic is "dead". Well SEGA held on to the philosophy "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" pretty tight and low and behold the world is graced with SONIC GENERATIONS!


Pretty much the excuse for tons of fun and creatively re-imagined levels throughout Sonic's iconic installments over the past 20 years. I WON'T spoil anything but I'll just say the story is very basic makes sense and is pretty enjoyable with all the cheesy humor you'd expect in sonic games these days.

Sound: I don't think I'd be giving anything away by saying the soundtrack is fantastic with various remixes and remastered Themes from sonics past. Many sonic fans can look forward to hearing "live and learn", Endless possibilities and of course :It Doesn't Matter"


Nothing short of fantastic, 2 Sonics with their own unique style of "Classic" and "Modern" game-play. Classic Sonic is pretty much how he played in the golden age of the SEGA Genesis The speed is there but it's nothing compared to modern sonic and the platforming is creatively fun. Only issue with classic sonic is some times you have to get a running start on 2x2 pedestals to make it over a gap that is just out of reach of Classic sonics standard jump. This annoyance is amplified when your pressed for time to S Rank a side mission.Other then that Classic sonic is pretty fun and the inclusion of power ups adds to the fun and the already overwhelming nostalgia factor.
Modern Sonic's game play is almost nothing but Intense speed loops, trick rings, grind rails pretty much why I prefer Modern Sonic so much more over Classic sonic. quick reflexes and pacing will almost always get you a S rank on the first go, and there's nothing like being rewarded for your skills with short cuts, additional boost, and bursting the sound barrier to your favorite sonic track.

The bosses are just fantastic from the epic intros that are chalk full of shout out to their respective games to the spectacular re imagined look of Perfect Chaos never before have I felt so small since the fight with Bio-lizard in Sonic Adventure 2. You can expect most of the boss battles to be pretty easy though, even with the hard mode addition after the first play-through but despite the lack in difficulty for the majority they are very entertaining from beginning to end...well most of them. The Final boss is just a HUGE let down the game just kinda throws you in the water and you either sink or swim. Figuring out how to hurt him shouldn't take much difficulty but the game fails to give any indication to how to address certain situations. (Besides "it looks like a homing shot" EVERY-10- SECONDS!)When the boss starts teleporting his arms in front of you or what Super Classic Sonic is suppose to be used for. Overall the final boss felt rushed and very unsatisfying I was hoping for SEGA to go in a direction of making him morph into horrid doppleganger version of The Bio lizard, Metal Overlord, Dark Gaia etc. If I had more of a fun time fighting the easy as heck Egg Nega Wisp then it really shows how much they dropped the ball in the end.It bothers me alot cause this is such a huge foul stain on an ending to a darn near perfect game! (oh well his theme was awesome)

This is a must have if your a sonic fan, period. I'm very curious as to whats next for the main Sonic series, until then great job SEGA.

Posted by II2none - May 24th, 2012

Check it out here!

Posted by II2none - May 23rd, 2012

I'm sorry but it's not.

Posted by II2none - April 29th, 2012

Just gonna sit here and think about how good Baked Alaska taste.

Welp, Happy Birthday to me...

Posted by II2none - April 20th, 2012

I have a strong case of gaming depression since I lack a Xbox 360 when I see news of kickass games I can't play such as Prototype 2, Assasins Creed 3 etc it worsens. 2 years later and still no offical xbox to call my own I'm on life support and have no choice but to explore (rent) old ps2 games and old/ new Wii games to keep myself stimulated.

Ps2 games:
Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry 3
Shadow of the colossus

Spiderman Shadow Demensions
Sonic and Mario at the Winter Olympics
Sonic and the Black Knight
Tenchu:Shadow Assasins
Tatsunko Vs Capcom
Swords (yeah,thats it)
Dead Space Extraction
Epic Mickey
No more Heroes
No more Heroes 2
House of the Dead overkill
Metroid other M

All I can do is hope for the best and hold out till I (eventually) get hired. Maybe, just maybe the stereotype the "Wii has no games" will be proven wrong.