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Schoolgirl vs Orcs Schoolgirl vs Orcs

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Concept: Just a broken game with anime elements.

Story: It's the set up for the gameplay. However there's nothing particularly interesting about it.

Sound: The strongest part of the game. The jingle to whatever anime this track is from sounds cool. The Gun sound effects are epic.

Animation: bland and uninteresting too look at. only thing that makes this game somewhat fresh was when the "Action-Replay comic panels" pop up at the top of the screen every now and then. If I were you I'd save this idea for possible future action games. I'd recommend turn the walking animation into running for a more dynamic feel and make the melee combat looked more stylized (After you fix the buggy movement controls that is.)

- Movement controls lock up if using melee
- melee is ineffective on "bosses". (I doubt it's part of gameplay mechanic cause there's just no point. )
- repetitive in general

Overall: This game seemed like it had potential during development, the title alone would make one think mindless dumb fun. However the game is under developed in too many ways to give any sort of satisfaction or lasting appeal.

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FPA World 3 FPA World 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

The unanticipated return Of Fancy Pants World Adventure takes the platformer genre by storm!!!

Concept: The third (final?) installment of the popular Fancy pants franchise makes a return with never before seen platforming and combat mechanics.

Asthetic: What makes fancy pants so visually iconic is its carefree style it's art its music and gameplay just gives off a "laid back"feel. This game is the definition of freedom.

Gameplay: The free running style is back and better then ever. The sense of exploration is just so much more evident here then in the previous installments, each level feels more unique based on certain platforming mechanics exclusive to certain environments throughout the game. Such as the beach and the disappearing "sand floats" or how the cave levels only provide true water exploration. Also the fact that doors no longer CONSISTENTLY represent the end of a level makes the levels themselves feel more together and complimentary giving that grand world feel established in the games title.

As equally fantastic as the level design is the game play . If you choose to just free run from start to finish there's hardly any break in momentum from the various acrobatics and well timed jumps you can pull off. The new combat system may slow down the pacing of the game, however it more then adds to the fun! The combat animations look inspired by Newgrounds Rumble which is a pretty cool throwback, and it's a great change of pace when you want a break from running fancy. You can even incorporate the addition of combat moves into your exploration and the aerial spin on enemies "Sonic The Hedgehog style".

The new enemies are a breath of fresh air cause I'm sure I'm not the only one tired of seeing spiders and rats with guns. Now we get crabs, pirates, birds, and ninjas! However even with this variety of enemies the difficulty is laughably easy. I never died once through out the entire game especially now that falling into an abyss no longer takes your life, let alone injure you. I just wish there was more of a challenge outside of being a completionist.However This doesn't hurt the game at all as I'd rather have balanced gameplay then facing cheap enemy placement, and pit falls throughout every square inch of a level. The only technical issue that I noticed is the game play is sluggish in detailed environments EVEN ON IT'S LOWEST QUALITY. But it doesn't hinder gameplay so it can be overlooked.

The only thing that was slightly disappointing was the ending I know I'm not exactly suppose to take the story seriously but the very brief animation of Fancy pants picking up his sister was pretty much the modern way of saying "game over, you win now get lost" was just kinda lacking in my opinion.

Personal likes:
The swimming exploration
The theme in Misplaced Cove (totally going to mp3 if I can)
The combat system was a great addition to kill any chance of repetitiveness
The easy yet humorous jokes
New enemies

OVERALL: NG's answer to Sonic The Hedgehog still gots da fancy! I can honestly say this is the best Platformer on NG since "Abobo's Big Adventure" and just as unique in its own right in gameplay, style and originality. I'll be replaying this game long after it's daily feature days are behind it and if this is the finale I'm glad to say it went out with a bang.

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Jurassic Bug Jurassic Bug

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Concept: simplistic plat former with a prehistoric theme.I was disappointed that the title has little relevance to any aspects of the actual movie or Jurassic park games. considering it copies the Jurassic Park font and all.

Aesthetic: This game looks really nice. Beautiful variation of brown and nice lighting and smoggy special effects. The music is fitting but repetitive as it's the only track in the game but at least you have the option to turn it off.

Game play: As nice as it looks there's not much going for it. I'm not fond of playing very basic games with a high score as it's only incentive it gives very little replay value. Maybe if the game offered power ups, interesting animations, any thing more then the bare minimum of constantly left clicking. It was disappointing that the so-called "acid water" didn't grant me some kind of animated death involving the bugs becoming a skeleton. That would've at least provided a sense of suspense or made the game more interesting to look at. Even then at least go all the way and make the acidic water ACIDIC instead of taking the "overly-kid friendly" route. Not like it had to be rated "M"gruesome it could've been just an instantaneous transition from bug to bug's skeleton without the graphic imagery he could even still be smiling which would've added humor and retain the kid friendly atmosphere.

Overall: This game is pretty much bone dry despite the nice scenery. If this was a art submission I'd praise the hell out of it. But the game play is just boring and to A,B,C basic, if there's a sequel you definitely should add extra content that will keep players interested for more then 10 minutes.


Katawa Shoujo: SotF Katawa Shoujo: SotF

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Boring pretty much sums up my thoughts, so here's the reason why.

Concept: Make a game that tributes Castlevania.

Aesthetic: Nothing really stands out but the old school style is done well.

Story: pretty much a slightly humorous parody of real life people who find fictional characters attractive.Nothing about the story is very interesting given that it's way too short. In all honesty a story for this game was just a waste of time, the game isn't long enough for me to care about anything thats going on. Stories are for a game that will keep your attention for a lengthy period of time.

Game play: In a word, bland. You barely go through a level picking up items that don't do shit and if they do the game doesn't bother to explain. The controls feel stiff, the slide control is functional most of the time but can be unresponsive. animations are boring to look at despite probably being based on Castlevania. Which probably wouldn't be the case if the controls weren't stiff as a board.

After a quick run through in a poor excuse of a level, fighting the "Final Boss" was just a chore. She barely leaves any dodging room (particularly when she launches fireballs in the air) so your strategy LITERALLY is "get hit as little as possible" and you ARE going to get hit. The slide function is USELESS, thanks to the stiff controls there's little time for you to initiate a slide-jump combo before she teleports to avoid your....scarf of doom. When she unleashes black energy balls you only have enough time to dodge---oh wait I just found out the C button actually does something would've been very helpful to know that you had to ACQUIRE A ROPE-PRETZEL-BOOMERANG THINGY for the C button to work properly in that poor tutorial. I Thought it was a punch that wasn't programmed.

After two deaths I defeated her with my scarf/whip only and was treated with the ending of a story to an almost literally 5 minute game. Of course as stated before this isn't that kind of game. You can't just slap in a story to a half baked game and expect people to care about your characters.

Overall: Needs more work If this game sole purpose was to parody the end of Castlevania fine. But the "tutorial" sucks and is unclear it's more like making sure your keyboard works. The controls are stiff and the slide button is half-responsive, The story just feels shunned in and the game is so short and boring that I realize I just wasted 10 minutes that could be spent doing something more interesting/ productive.

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Zombie Stalker Zombie Stalker

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good but not quite great.

Concept: Create a zombie shooter

Aesthetic: The art style is cartoon like making this zombie game kid friendly. The sounds effects are appropriate and make sense as to what goes on throughout the game. There's no music but I don't feel it would add much to the game since it's more action than horror.

Game-play: It's a fun shooter I love the choice of weaponry most of which are zombie appropriate. (You can;t g wrong with a shotgun.)The difficulty, the pacing to which your guns upgrade, and how common health appears is perfectly balanced almost as if on cue. Every moment I'm near death is always an intense struggle to get that one health icon or become zombie chow trying.

However there's one crucial problem with the game thats hard to ignore and thats the dodge button. It's very unresponsive and I can seem to get it's functionality down it doesn't respond at all while shooting and when it does respond I have to spam the hell out of the space bar to get ONE roll going. Even though I don't need to rely on it when the difficulty is manageable for my arsenal alone. it would make a HUGE difference on how often I'll see a game over screen on those intense difficulties. A minor technical issue is the lagging but it doesn't make the game unplayable and as said by author you can lower the quality to make it less likely.

Also the game can get repetitive after acquiring all the guns. even going back and forth through portals to catch a breathier and get a quick level up. (Though on harder difficulties those portals are death wishes.) However the game autosaves everything you've upgraded which is great and adds replay value and shedding some of that repetitiveness.

Overall: It's a solid enough to enjoy for approximately an hour or 2 and visiting again on another day. Despite it's faults it's a decent kid friendly zombie shooter that everyone can enjoy.


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Abobo's Big Adventure Abobo's Big Adventure

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Comin from a SEGA fan


A 2 year objective in replicating various Nintendo classics from the days of old. Except with a humorous story starring an never before seen character named Abobo.

Story: Abobo has to save his son aboboy from the clutches of Nintendo characters.

*SPOILERS*The ending....the CREDITS ending kinda disappoints.

The 8 bit art style is awesome to look at I bet it gives long time Nintendo fans an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia. The sounds only add to the cool old school feel. The music is neat to listen too I wonder if it's straight out from one of the original tracks in the games.

Damn near perfect, I love how simplistic the controls are and had a blast on my 8bit adventure. Lots of violence and blowing shit up which is always a plus. The rage is a blast to use and it's so entertaining to watch the rage various animations tribute to the various worlds of the NES. The only issue i had was how the game just throws you in the contrabobo world without explaining how to play it. Don't get me wrong it wasn't too difficult to get used to (it's actually one of my favorite levels) but it would've saved me two game overs. But then again this game isn't exactly meant for me. And you did input the cheat code that I'm guessing also has credibility towards the contraband world's history, which was neat. I would've preferred to to see a world dedicated to Mario rather then Mega-man or that balloon level (which felt like a chore to play through) but ah well, the functionality of the game more than makes up for it. This has excellent replay value and chalk full of content for those willing to stick around and ring this game dry.

Also I would make the 2player mode have it's own selection , it's just shunned in with the achievements making it easy to miss. I know it's not complete but it's offers enough content to explore with a buddy.

Overall: While I can't bask in the Nostalgia of these replicated original titles I had a blast playing this game. The story is entertaining enough to be it's own flash movie, the game play is fantastic and just works like a charm. Some may consider this cheating or being unoriginal, but to me Nostalgia was the point of this games and judging by your score Mission accomplished. But whether you grew up with these games or not is hardly the reason why you should play. You should play because it's a fun game!


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Tribulation Tribulation

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Balancing issues hinders the fun

Concept: create a zombie a survival game

Aesthetic: The artwork definitely has the zombie formula down though it doesn't feel as dark in comparison to "Last Stand" or "Dead Frontier". The music is appropriate when it's not sad it's errie which always feels right in any "serious" zombie related game. Sound effects are cool and make sense with action taking place on screen.

Game play: I know it's a zombie survival game, but this game this game crosses the line substituting difficulty for being cheap.

Balancing issue number 1:

First of all Almost HALF THE WEAPONS ARE USELESS and counter productive against the continuing (unfair) growing number of zombies every wave: A pump action shotgun should not be more efficient then an M-16, yet it is! The weapons that are more costly should be more effective. The only way Your going to get anywhere is with the Shotgun or the flamethrower I haven't gotten to experience other weapons cause the game is just too "hard".

Balancing issue number 2:

WAY TOO MANY ZOMBIES Players are barely given a fighting chance and with a flawed upgrading system it's seemingly impossible to acquire all the abilities and weapons the game offers. I'm guessing that's our incentive to keep playing and try to persevere through against all odds but the player has too many disadvantages the zombies spawn to the point of lagging.

Balancing Issue number 3:

NOT ENOUGH SOUL ORBS: This is up for debate but when your going up against a cesspool of zombies on levels 16+ this issue becomes more apparent. Were it not for the previous issues mentioned this wouldn't be a problem.

Overall: you have all the ingredients for a good zombie survival but a poor mixture. Everything feels like it's either too much or not enough. This game is fun for my first two attempts but in the end the flaws are too distracting for me to continue. It's worth a play-though but has too many faults to keep my interest.


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Burrito Bison Burrito Bison

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One of the best Toss Games around

Concept: Create a fun toss game enjoyable from start to finish.

Story: Bison goes shopping and gets sucked inside a candy world. It's up to the player to help him escape this sweet prison.

Aesthetic: The artwork is just awesome and I love Burrito Bison's design. I actually thought he was anthropomorphic until I noticed the head was a mask. The colors are beautiful to look at with excellent variation as a candy world should be. Although only two tracks(three if you count the title theme) the music is intense and epic. Ironic as well as appropriate, my favorite track from the games is called "epic theme".

Game play: The fun factor really thrives here and thats what makes this game so successful, there are many toss games (or even games in general) where achievements are the only incentive for playing a game. But Burrito Bison get's it right. I enjoyed launching myself through the air countless times just to beat the story alone. When that was done then I just had to max out my abilities to turn an already fun and challenging game into a good ol' fashion sandbox of speed trials. My final objective was getting all possible achievements which was just as fun and almost as challenging as beating the story.

Everything about the game just works the power up's are unique and fun and effective, the since of speed is satisfying and addictive especially when crashing through those colossal doors. And Even though I've been through much trial and error this game virtually has no repetitive factor until you've experienced every feature and 100% game.

Overall: If your not a fan of toss games, this may be worth looking into regardless sure it may seem repetitive to you, but you upgrades are very satisfying and give you plenty of bang for your nonexistent buck. I had a great time playing this and I will be checking out "Burrito Bison's revenge" in the future.



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Combat Tournament: 1.5 Combat Tournament: 1.5

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Improvements shine above tachnical faults

Concept: Second installment in this chaotic fighter of a franchise. With 3 (2 stickpage exclusive) new characters to test drive and beat that brains out of the already brainless AI. Also this game includes an all new VS MODE!! Holy shit way to make up for the lack of online multiplayer that was unfortunately put on halt.

Story:Yeah, right. Unless you count stages as story.

Aesthetic: The original art style makes a return. saturation of red and other dark colors with a combination of varietal shading giving that appropriate gritty appeal. Also assisting this feel is the detail of blood added in some levels and the awesome music in the title/selection screens. The fighters have their own unique color and yes it is just a simple color swap and a change in weaponry (some hidden until you actually fight.) But let it be known that old saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" definitely applies during combat.


The intense fighting action is back and better than ever I like how each character feels unique and execute their own style of fighting. Not only does this apply depth to how each character must be handled differently in combat situations to compensate for certain weaknesses. I also get such a badass feel from beating the tar out of my opponent with rush combo's followed by crazy hard hitting aerial attacks and ending my opponents resistance with a well timed final blow into a cement block or explosive. The combat is "A,B,C basic" with your A button racking in a thousand presses every hour but what partakes on screen along with the great sound effects is so satisfying to my senses that I don't even acknowledge my primary means of attack is 99% A button 1% S (Special) It's that damn addicting.

However with this games technical faults, although a lot less problematic compared to the original, still can put a damper on the gaming experience. The AI is negative 0 retarded 60% of the time, alot of times they hump walls attack air or do absolutely nothing handicapping players with time out periods to recharge their special, getting in the first blow, and making difficulty almost pointless. The only reason I could see this game being difficult is for those who don't understand the dodge system and even though I've clocked in hours in both installments the dodging is so easy it's laughable. All you have to do is gold down a directional button and D and the game mechanics will take care of the rest even if you get hit within a few life meters away from a K.O you should never be overwhelmed by attacks.

Only exception to that is special moves and it does take some skill, luck, familiarity to avoid them but the easiest is Home run bat's "Kamehameha" it's painfully obvious when he execute's his special during a combo when you get familiarized with all the signs. Hell even a sloppy executed jump (yes you can jump three times) is enough to avoid the full damage of his attack.

The tutorial could use more clarity and it would save newcomers ALOT of frustration. I bet most newcomers didn't even know they could triple jump or dodge by holding D and a left/right directional button unless they played for a few hours. An unclear Tutorial is dangerous and probably affected your overall reception the most because these are primary means of avoiding attacks as well as setting yourself up for continuing keeping the combo meter live and counter attacks.

Overall: Where newcomers may not sit so well I still love this game despite it's technical flaws and occasional repetitiveness. With three refreshing new characters a freakin local versus and all classic stick brutality I've come to expect.

This is EASILY deserving as one of the best stick action games out there.

4 excellent stars out of 5


Whishlist: CT 3 with Xiao Xiao I will worship and address you as LORD Ongokiller50 if you do.

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Ongokiller50 responds:

This Has Really Help me on Combat Tournament 2 and this one. Thank you.

Culmination Culmination

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

What could've been the perfect NG beat em up

Concept: Successfully Design a action platformer with a deep combo system that stands out from the usual button mashers action games.


Love the art style it's as if Samurai Jack and limbo (video game) had a child. If you don't like the black & white art style there's a hideous color mode where you get this ugly transparent hue of orange/blue. And even then the color is only most noticeable during transitions from each level. A virtually pointless and unneeded feature in my opinion but hey it's there if you want to ruin the games monochromatic style.

The MAIN character's design,both protagonist and antagonist. Although purposely lacking in bodily detail for color stylization. Enough detail is shown in the characters physical design to interpret a feel from the characters even if the written dialogue was excluded. The creatures designs are repetitive and not very unique, with only three types of enemies that you'll run into over and over again. However they do look cool, and fit the style of the game.

The music in the game seemed just as well thought out as the combat system.

The title theme "Train of thought" pretty much sets the mood for everything about this game it paints a picture in your head which is great since there's little, paper-thin story within this flash leeaving the backstory to be however you want to interpret.

Although I find it contradictory to the "wildly chaotic style" mood the author intended this game is suppose to give off the track "Ethereality" fits very well with the tedious action. It's slow, relaxing and has a nice ring to it, and gives off a strange sad yet hopeful vibe to the game.

The track "Brain damage" suiting for the boss fight near the end of the game is the only real chaotic factor this game has going for it. (Aside from fighting the final boss himself on hard mode.) This track is really energetic and during game-play it almost feels like the music choreographs the action going on in the fight.

Story: Good samurai Vs. Bad samurai.

The key to all successful games no matter how "unique" your aesthetic may be if your game play is shit you might as well not even bother.

As far as Culmination goes it's pretty damn good. The author was true to their word about the action design being unique as spamming A vs thinking of which attack to use in varied situations where your surrounded, near death pits, and hovering fireballs can mean the difference between life and death. It does have a learning curve to it especially when playing hard mode for your first few times.
But it doesn't take too long to get the hang of fighting.

The game is not without it's own faults with a number of concerns that can leave the player feeling cheated and make game mastery seemingly impossible. The firefly-bat demon things are cheap as hell, when swarmed (not to mention the enemies on the ground) there's no ways to strategically dodge their fireballs while attacking at the same time as they each combo you to death with a barrage of fireballs , especially on hard mode. You will be forced to rely on the "press W to live" button very often making the "special master" achievement very difficult. Oh and if you don't have your specials maxed out before hand, enjoy your ass whooping(s) and pray you can spam A or S long enough to survive.

This seem like an unnecessary frustration that could've been fixed with a multitude of options. five second invincibility window after impacting the ground, allow player to deflect/reflect the fireballs, getting rid of that dumb get up animation that leaves you even more vulnerable than when you were knocked in the air.

The fighting is slow because enemies take to long to recover.

Also the game is incomplete on hard mode which is a huge annoyance for reasons already stated.

Technical faults makes the game unnecessarily frustrating, but the combat system music and style is worth a play trough. However it NEEDS more polish in game design and a COMPLETE product to measure up to other action titles out there.