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Lol I like your perspective but I love the ORIGINAL Yu-Gi-Oh. It's almost strange how a show based around cards was so dark at times. I mean Yami "mind crushed" (Killed) like 5 people in the first season. And the American theme was on "Rock The Dragon" and Batman theme levels of badassery. Not gonna lie some episodes and voice acting (Tristans Barney voice) can be down right atrocious including some of the issues you guys already discussed. But what makes all this null and void is Yu-gi-oh A.K.A Yami himself he just steals the show most time he's on screen escaping hopeless odds and situations with style and wit, never gets old. Getting back on track this animation was entertaining and I like watching and hearing differing opinions not only for diversity sake but sometimes because they challenge my own and may even adjust the way I view things, that's life. To not accept that is bad for humanity, period.

Glad to see you're still making these!

Concept: SCF get's into the christmas spirit

Aesthetic:I like that your trees and snowballs were really well drawn and colored/animated. The christmas remixes were a treat to listen to it's a shame that it wasn't in sync with the scenes it was meat to be played with.

Animation: The scene where black was walking through the snow dragged on too long especially when the music stopped before the scene was complete which made it somewhat boring for a minute or so. The action was really smooth and entertaining to watch as usual. your only issues are the frame rate speed of character close ups.

Humor: The action is just what I expected from a christmas special light hearted and funny.

Overall:As always this series has me on edge for what comes next as the passion and hard work are still evident. Merry belated Christmas and a Happy New Year!

guitan11 responds:

you know, its pretty well in sync on my computer, not perfect, but somewhat. i need to make sure that everything i do can play the same way it does on my machine. but i do agree on the waling being a bit long. since the frame rate falls for no reason :/
i always encounter new technical issues, but thats part of learning :3

thanks for the review dude

Holy shit something new that actually gets my attention! I really like the art style it looked Samurai Jack-ish at first glanced but leaned more toward anime as I watched. Already like the main character aside from being a sonic fan she's cocky and outgoing which are always great traits for a protagonist. wished I'd seen more action though kinda bums me that I have to wait who knows how long to see how imaginative your fight scenes are but based on this epidode I'm really looking forwartd to the results. Until then Excellent job!

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The unanticipated return Of Fancy Pants World Adventure takes the platformer genre by storm!!!

Concept: The third (final?) installment of the popular Fancy pants franchise makes a return with never before seen platforming and combat mechanics.

Asthetic: What makes fancy pants so visually iconic is its carefree style it's art its music and gameplay just gives off a "laid back"feel. This game is the definition of freedom.

Gameplay: The free running style is back and better then ever. The sense of exploration is just so much more evident here then in the previous installments, each level feels more unique based on certain platforming mechanics exclusive to certain environments throughout the game. Such as the beach and the disappearing "sand floats" or how the cave levels only provide true water exploration. Also the fact that doors no longer CONSISTENTLY represent the end of a level makes the levels themselves feel more together and complimentary giving that grand world feel established in the games title.

As equally fantastic as the level design is the game play . If you choose to just free run from start to finish there's hardly any break in momentum from the various acrobatics and well timed jumps you can pull off. The new combat system may slow down the pacing of the game, however it more then adds to the fun! The combat animations look inspired by Newgrounds Rumble which is a pretty cool throwback, and it's a great change of pace when you want a break from running fancy. You can even incorporate the addition of combat moves into your exploration and the aerial spin on enemies "Sonic The Hedgehog style".

The new enemies are a breath of fresh air cause I'm sure I'm not the only one tired of seeing spiders and rats with guns. Now we get crabs, pirates, birds, and ninjas! However even with this variety of enemies the difficulty is laughably easy. I never died once through out the entire game especially now that falling into an abyss no longer takes your life, let alone injure you. I just wish there was more of a challenge outside of being a completionist.However This doesn't hurt the game at all as I'd rather have balanced gameplay then facing cheap enemy placement, and pit falls throughout every square inch of a level. The only technical issue that I noticed is the game play is sluggish in detailed environments EVEN ON IT'S LOWEST QUALITY. But it doesn't hinder gameplay so it can be overlooked.

The only thing that was slightly disappointing was the ending I know I'm not exactly suppose to take the story seriously but the very brief animation of Fancy pants picking up his sister was pretty much the modern way of saying "game over, you win now get lost" was just kinda lacking in my opinion.

Personal likes:
The swimming exploration
The theme in Misplaced Cove (totally going to mp3 if I can)
The combat system was a great addition to kill any chance of repetitiveness
The easy yet humorous jokes
New enemies

OVERALL: NG's answer to Sonic The Hedgehog still gots da fancy! I can honestly say this is the best Platformer on NG since "Abobo's Big Adventure" and just as unique in its own right in gameplay, style and originality. I'll be replaying this game long after it's daily feature days are behind it and if this is the finale I'm glad to say it went out with a bang.

Concept: simplistic plat former with a prehistoric theme.I was disappointed that the title has little relevance to any aspects of the actual movie or Jurassic park games. considering it copies the Jurassic Park font and all.

Aesthetic: This game looks really nice. Beautiful variation of brown and nice lighting and smoggy special effects. The music is fitting but repetitive as it's the only track in the game but at least you have the option to turn it off.

Game play: As nice as it looks there's not much going for it. I'm not fond of playing very basic games with a high score as it's only incentive it gives very little replay value. Maybe if the game offered power ups, interesting animations, any thing more then the bare minimum of constantly left clicking. It was disappointing that the so-called "acid water" didn't grant me some kind of animated death involving the bugs becoming a skeleton. That would've at least provided a sense of suspense or made the game more interesting to look at. Even then at least go all the way and make the acidic water ACIDIC instead of taking the "overly-kid friendly" route. Not like it had to be rated "M"gruesome it could've been just an instantaneous transition from bug to bug's skeleton without the graphic imagery he could even still be smiling which would've added humor and retain the kid friendly atmosphere.

Overall: This game is pretty much bone dry despite the nice scenery. If this was a art submission I'd praise the hell out of it. But the game play is just boring and to A,B,C basic, if there's a sequel you definitely should add extra content that will keep players interested for more then 10 minutes.


Boring pretty much sums up my thoughts, so here's the reason why.

Concept: Make a game that tributes Castlevania.

Aesthetic: Nothing really stands out but the old school style is done well.

Story: pretty much a slightly humorous parody of real life people who find fictional characters attractive.Nothing about the story is very interesting given that it's way too short. In all honesty a story for this game was just a waste of time, the game isn't long enough for me to care about anything thats going on. Stories are for a game that will keep your attention for a lengthy period of time.

Game play: In a word, bland. You barely go through a level picking up items that don't do shit and if they do the game doesn't bother to explain. The controls feel stiff, the slide control is functional most of the time but can be unresponsive. animations are boring to look at despite probably being based on Castlevania. Which probably wouldn't be the case if the controls weren't stiff as a board.

After a quick run through in a poor excuse of a level, fighting the "Final Boss" was just a chore. She barely leaves any dodging room (particularly when she launches fireballs in the air) so your strategy LITERALLY is "get hit as little as possible" and you ARE going to get hit. The slide function is USELESS, thanks to the stiff controls there's little time for you to initiate a slide-jump combo before she teleports to avoid your....scarf of doom. When she unleashes black energy balls you only have enough time to dodge---oh wait I just found out the C button actually does something would've been very helpful to know that you had to ACQUIRE A ROPE-PRETZEL-BOOMERANG THINGY for the C button to work properly in that poor tutorial. I Thought it was a punch that wasn't programmed.

After two deaths I defeated her with my scarf/whip only and was treated with the ending of a story to an almost literally 5 minute game. Of course as stated before this isn't that kind of game. You can't just slap in a story to a half baked game and expect people to care about your characters.

Overall: Needs more work If this game sole purpose was to parody the end of Castlevania fine. But the "tutorial" sucks and is unclear it's more like making sure your keyboard works. The controls are stiff and the slide button is half-responsive, The story just feels shunned in and the game is so short and boring that I realize I just wasted 10 minutes that could be spent doing something more interesting/ productive.

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An epic mix that defines the madness series

Haunting and chaotic the definition of this song as well as the flash series it represents. months ago I was listening to this song 10X over after watching madness abrogation. I love the everything from the holler monkey like scream to the heavy base that comes in at 2:52.

This song is very good at getting your blood pumped for some intense activity whether it be exercising or playing a Video Game on Intense difficulty.

And that's why it earns a spot in my favorite list.


Thinking In Slow Motion fits this song big time.

The music is still playin as i'm typin and from what i'm hearin this sounds so peaceful, it makes me think about me as a lone wolf watching over a peaceful forest lookin at a waterfall. Man this should be on one of those soothing sounds CD's. And........an-.................zzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

meh, kinda boring

meh I'm really fond of that soft boring music unless its jazz

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Awesome sculpting, looks like American Godzilla in a phase 2 mutation. Really digging the dark values and rough details all over its head.

These guys look more detailed every time you draw them in this humanoid style.(Also DAMN they're tall!) You just keep improving with each content you submit. keep it up man and as always looking forward to whatever comes next.

guitan11 responds:

the downfall to making them better and better each time, its that its more time consuming :/
besides that, i love getting better and better. getting to the next level each time! :D

"Oh My God!" Were the first words that came out of my mouth when I saw this. Thanks for making an already sexy character even more so.

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